Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hot And Brothered

The good, the bad, and the unbelievably sexy. Here are three sets of brothers I've um, come across recently whom I would be glad to help bust a few taboos with!
The Brothers Long: I recently discovered hot St. Louis Rams defensive end CHRIS LONG's (above) Twitter feed and among his active photo feed are several pics with his Chicago Bears offensive lineman beast of a brother KYLE LONG (who I Tumbled about before). And if you didn't know, they're the progeny of DILFy daddy HOWIE LONG. >
The Brothers Brown(e): Doucheboat Massachusettes Sen. SCOTT BROWN's hot, equally silver foxy half-brother BRUCE BROWNE was arrested for being completely terrifying and other stuff. >
The Brothers Burgess: As you can see, the four rugby-playing BURGESS BROTHERS (Sam, Luke, and twins Tom and George)—all thighs and handsome and beefy—are hot enough on their own. >

But then 6-5" 21-year-old George's nude selfies wound up on Twitter:
And a pic from last year of Luke making out with a teammate in a possible show of support for gay rights is now circulating online:
Oh brother!

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