Monday, January 21, 2013

Muscle God

Just discovered this specimen of male perfection. He’s an amateur bodybuilder billed as either Samson Biggs, Samson WIlliams or Samson-X and he also does nude webcam shows, these stills of which (uncropped version here!) are from a January, um, episode. Want even more? Check out his YouTube channel, website (Muscle God Samson), or this flexing vid (which unfortunately doesn’t include nudity). Damn, I could eat that butt alone for weeks! >


  1. That ass looks like a buffet !!!

  2. That ass would keep my busy for a very long time & make me die happy that I was up in it!

  3. Oh, now that i've seen the uncropped pic...that man meat between his legs would be nice to work on each night also!