Monday, November 26, 2012

Reader Submissions

Here are a few examples of yumminess that you—the wonderful readers of this here blog—have chosen to share lately. >
The above bit of cuddly, plump-crotched Lo-Def Desire inspiration is FERNANDO BOSCH, a City of Miami Police Department homicide detective, from The First 48. Yum. (Thanks, Kevin!) And then there are these two studly things who found themselves under SIRveillance:
Zeno sends in the above hunk out walking his dog. Unfortunately that's not a double entendre. And HN sends in the tall drink of nerdtastic water he spotted in Austin: "This guy looks like Blaine from Glee all grown up (if Darren Criss were significantly taller)." Thanks, guys!

Lo-Def Desire

I've been watching a lot of The X-Files on Hulu lately and was pleasantly surprised when I came across the episode featuring MITCH PILEGGI in his tighty whities that made my teenage, daddy-loving brain explode all those years ago. >
'X-Files' Star Mitch Pileggi Made 'Dallas' Series Regular [Digital Spy]

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lo-Def Desire

He didn't utter a single word on his one episode of Grimm, but hottie TRENTON ROSTEDT certainly caught my attention as a leather-clad, bearded henchman. >

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daddy Of The Day

It has been a while since I featured a Daddy of the Day that I was extremely inspired to choose. But that is exactly what happened when I happened upon this swarthy, generously endowed, pornster daddy in this lush-set, um, foreign language film. >

Lo-Def Desire

Heroes star JACK COLEMAN has played gay on Dynasty and The Vampire Diaries. His latest same sex-loving stint had him trailed by his wife and her coworker (who is also, until this episode, his secret gay lover) to the studio where he may or may not be cheating on both of them with his yoga instructor "Blake". I'm digging this finale season of The Office. Am I the only one? >

Friday, November 16, 2012

Silver Fox Fever

I spotted this selfless slab of silver fox in a Unilever e-newsletter (above), showing off those beefy biceps for a good cause. I did a search to try to find other pics of him, but it was fruitless (ba-zing!). However, I did come across the same pic in several places and didn't mind looking at it again … and again! >

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kilty Pleasures

While doing some Lo-Def Desire-fueled research on sexy like the wolf ED QUINN (above), I stumbled upon these years-old fashion show photos that still take my breath away. And while we're on the subject of gasping, I was compelled to dig up pics of LARGE TONY (below), my other favorite kilted wonder. And I mean wonder literally, as you'll see when you check out that lead pipe tucked away beneath the tartan! >

Kilty Pleasure [West of Mayberry]
An Evening Of Scottish Fashion [Zimbio]

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Like It Scruff

via Scruff

Lo-Def Desire

Ay, papi! JOSE PABLO CANTILLO brings the fresh, succulent beef to The Walking Dead. Can't blame the zombies for wanting to take a taste. >