Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lo-Def Desire

While watching this hilarious behind-the-scenes video about the making of Hot In Cleveland, I got a quick glimpse of Valerie Bertinelli's bald and beautiful husband TOM VITALE. >



The next time you're in San Francisco, maybe this helpfully revised neighborhood map from the local pubic transportation authority will help you reach your dickstination. >

Captain Incredible

Maybe it is because I recently saw and thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers, but when I see this beefy stud, all I think is: "If The Incredible Hulk and Captain America had a baby…" >
I just hope Hulk carried the baby.
Can You Spare Thirty Seconds … [Sexpigeon]

Mag Men

Two of Europe's hottest athletes are spread naked and fuzzy across the covers of gay magazines this month. >
Out former rugger GARETH THOMAS gives good Attitude on the cover of the UK gay mag's annual "Naked Issue" while out soccer player ANTON HYSÉN show's most of his wares on the cover of the May QX and that sweet Swedish derrière (which he talks about) inside the mag:
A Good Attitude [Boy Culture]
Attitude Magazine "Naked Issue" [BosGuy]
Anton Hysén: It's only an ass, What's the big deal" [QX]
Soccer’s Anton Hysen makes finals of Sweden’s “Let’s Dance,” talks about his butt [Outsports]

How About That Beard?

"How about the beard on Jean Valjean?" Woof! >
16 New Images from LES MISERABLES Starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe [Collider]
See New Stills From Les Misérables How about the beard on Jean Valjean? [Vulture]


Daddy Of The Day

Yes, I dig hairy shoulders. Don't you judge me! >


Happy Birthday, Mr. President …

Well, belated. >
JFK Would Have Been 95 Today Yesterday [Chexydecimal]



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Like It Scruff



Doucheboat Pageant

Not sure if you remember, but when the Mr. Marina contest was first announced I threw my behind in front of my support behind beefy 6'-7" CHARLIE "CHEWY" BENKER (seen above puncturing and then coughing back up some of the three beers he shotgunned in a row for what I'm assuming was the talent portion). Anyway, Chewy didn't win, so instead of fantasizing about providing the beer-swilling beast with a congratulatory beejer, I'll be altering the scenario to include a consolation hummer instead. Oh, and here are a few more shots of contestants in all their bulging, bro-tastic, beefcake glory. >
If you're not completely turned off men yet, you may want to check out these five videos of Marina dudes stripping. Ugh, what's wrong with me that I dig the harmless variety of douchebag?

Mr. Marina Competition: Aggressive Alcoholism In The Name Of Charity [SFist]
Here Are Five Videos Of Marina Dudes Stripping [NSFW] [SFist]


Grant Bowler Appropriately Cast As 'Dick'

As you can plainly see in this Ugly Betty still, New Zealand daddy GRANT BOWLER (of True Blood and Lost) was born to play a character named Dick. Even if it is unfortunately as Richard Burton opposite Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime's Liz & Dick. Since this DILF is going to be in such close quarters to LiLo, I must bid a sincere "kia ora!" to that killer Kiwi kock. >
New Zealand’s Grant Bowler Has Been Cast As ‘Dick’ In Elizabeth Taylor Biopic ‘Liz & Dick’ [Pink is the New Blog]


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lo-Def Desire

Finally! A chance to get caught up on Community and I get the thrill of seeing JOEL McHALE work it in this Criss Angel-ish get up, showing off that hot bod. Makes me want to make a certain of Mr. McHale's appendages disappear … and reapper and disappear and reapper and disappear … >

Friday, May 25, 2012



To me, the hottest, hairiest part of this print ad for Xanté pear liqueur is this guy. It almost makes me wanna taste a pear liqueur. Almost! >