Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lo-Def Desire

This weekend I got caught up on one of my semi-guilty pleasure CBS procedurals, Unforgettable, and that is just what one episode was when sexy, shirtless JACKSON HURST—with that chest and those nips—was burned into my memory! >


I Like It Scruff

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pre Com

The NFL Combine—the "Underwear Olympics"—started yesterday and there's no doubt meaty pics of NFL hopefuls will be forthcoming. But until then, why not feast your eyes on the beefy boys of the 2012 NFL Pre Combine from earlier this month. >


I don't know why anyone would find this illustrated how-to creepy. I think it is a practical solution for men who love to titty f*ck when titties aren't available, but a good friend is. >
1. Preparation—Find a black marker. Draw two favorite nipples on your friend’s ass. Your friend must have a nice smooth ass. Use water based marker as it is non permanent and easy to clean after.

2. After—Pay attention to your friend’s anal opening’s position to prevent from penetration which would cause discomfort. Put your thing in between the ass in nice, comfortable position. Proceed to rub back and forth gently until ecstasy.

3. Finish—After you shoot, thank your good friend. If you happen to be unable to fully emulate the process of titty fucking, it could be a matter of the drawing of nipples are not very detailed or your good friend’s ass is not beautiful enough. Or even more likely, you are actually a gay person.
Japan China owns creepy, example 23. [Copyranter]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rio de Ja-bear-o

Woof! >
Rio [Tap That Guy]

Hot Combo

Reality stud BILL RANCIC and shots(!) … from this first look at his swanky new Chicago restaurant. >
First Look: RPM Italian [Chicagoist]


Anyone who can appreciate feet for more than the purpose they serve during locomotion should appreciate this video demonstration of hot proper foot worship care techniques. >
Big Feet Love [xHamster]

Monday, February 20, 2012

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Vintage clothing ads, minus the clothing (NSFW). [Copyranter]

Lo-Def Desire

Oh, SHEMAR MOORE, you certainly know how to beef up the pleasure I get from the guilty pleasure that is Criminal Minds.  >
And because these 5-year-old images are burned into my memory (and I'm fine with that!), who wants to see him naked?
Snake Eyes [Criminal Minds]

Bad Boys Club

Recently, this beefy bad boy in blue was busted for coercing women into sex in exchange for helping them with legal woes. Oh, how I wish the story went more like this (complete with leaked nsfw photos) other recent sex scandal. >
Men At Play’s COP OFF [Fair View]
Adam Skweres, Pittsburgh Police Officer, Allegedly Solicited Sex From Women In Legal Trouble (VIDEO) [HuffPo]

Sunday, February 19, 2012


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Nothing beats a good double entendre. Except for a good double penetration double entendre! And Liquid Plumr does just that—with double the hot beef injected by two very solid, porn-fantasy plumbers!—in this commercial for its Double Impact product. Double impact, indeed! >
"I'm here to snake your drain."
"I'm here to flush your pipe."

Thursday, February 16, 2012


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'll Take The Low Road

This is probably my favorite picture of the top half of gay rugger GARETH THOMAS, and with this self-pic he shared recently along with the warning—"I’m armed if you come near!"—I think I've found a lower half match. Damn! Armed and dangerously hot. (Not that he hasn't been spotted naked before.) >
Gareth Thomas shows off his underwear [Outsports]
This Isn’t Gareth Thomas’ Sex Tape. But It Is Gareth Thomas Naked in the Lockerroom [Queerty]