Friday, February 24, 2012


I don't know why anyone would find this illustrated how-to creepy. I think it is a practical solution for men who love to titty f*ck when titties aren't available, but a good friend is. >
1. Preparation—Find a black marker. Draw two favorite nipples on your friend’s ass. Your friend must have a nice smooth ass. Use water based marker as it is non permanent and easy to clean after.

2. After—Pay attention to your friend’s anal opening’s position to prevent from penetration which would cause discomfort. Put your thing in between the ass in nice, comfortable position. Proceed to rub back and forth gently until ecstasy.

3. Finish—After you shoot, thank your good friend. If you happen to be unable to fully emulate the process of titty fucking, it could be a matter of the drawing of nipples are not very detailed or your good friend’s ass is not beautiful enough. Or even more likely, you are actually a gay person.
Japan China owns creepy, example 23. [Copyranter]


  1. LMAO now i know what to do when i play with some of my "straight" friends

  2. Ha! I think they'll be much more comfortable if you assure them that you'll be mindful of their "anal opening’s position."

  3. If there's no penetration, what's the fucking point??