Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contrasting Couples

I feel barraged by hot images of couples with an imbalance of melanin as of late. That's a good thing. See for yourself. >
Above: Sexy shots of The Real World: Denver cast member DAVIS MALLORY (left) and his "boo" from a definitely sexy, possibly sickeningly-sweet video (which is why I turned the sound down). Below: Another World-er DANNY ROBERTS (The Real World: New Orleans) and DARRYL STEPHENS in a steamy still from Kickstarter project DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles).
And, last but not least, this morning I stumbled upon DAMIEN CROSSE and EDDIE DIAZ exchanging XXXmas gifts:
DTLA [Kickstarter]
'Real World' Hottie Danny Roberts Wants You to Come Downtown [Kenneth in the (212)]
"It's YOUR Butt's Turn..." [Boy Culture]
Christmas gifts - Damien and Eddie [xHamster]


  1. All three are great couples...and I too have a thing for such couples.

  2. the bottom couple is the one where i get jealous ... or envious, even!