Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting a Catherwoodie!

Thank you "Dancing with the Stars." I never watch it, but media coverage of it has introduced me to current contestant—and hot papi—MICHAEL DWIGHT "PSYCHO MIKE" CATHERWOOD. The current DJ (that's the only thing I won't hold against him) and former competitive bodybuilder (see below) got the lowest score this week, but ranks at the top of my chart!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who's the Boss?

I love the images that this photo/headline/story teaser combination make dance in my head:

Piece of class

In perfect timing as I prepare to go on vacation, sexy travel author ROLF POTTS shows how to fly first class in a coach seat:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lo-Def Desire

PATRICK WARBURTON is no "Vegetable Lasagna!" He's meaty and saucy as the dopey, DILFy David Putty in this "Seinfeld" episode I caught the other day.
I watched "Law & Order: Los Angeles" for the first time and want to get lawless and disorderly with bald and stached (and sometimes deliciously bearded) detective, actor COREY STOLL:
I had a touch of the insomnia last night and found myself mesmerized by model CLINTON's dynamic demonstrating of the Body Blade on ShopNBC:

Silver Fox Fever

You may not remember, but I got the fever for former NFLer-cum-silver stud STEVE WRIGHT before "Survivor: Redemption Island" premiered, but since I don't watch the show my temperature settled down. Until now! In these screen caps, Steve is still super handsome with that "epic gentleman body" that's furrier than before. Woof!

Spokes & Rims

Where else in the States but in San Francisco would there be something as friskily fantastic as a World Naked Bike Ride?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lo-Def Desire

 Came across this hot cop on a Public Access channel demonstrating something about a fitness test to get into the police academy or something. I could barely listen to the words as I was consumed with what I would do if I ever got pubic access to him!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reality Showoff

Slab of muscle NICK STARCEVIC of "Big Brother 8" notoriety, for lack of a better word, has returned shirtless and flexing and trying again for fame! Works for me.


My "next obsession" MICHAEL FASSBENDER is absolutely dapper and delicious as featured in this March 4 Entertainment Weekly article. And he takes Manhattan and my heart while filming a flick in NYC:


One-time "Project Runway" contestant-cum-model JACK MACKENROTH looks this good(!) wearing less than a stitch for Todd & Terry swimwear. (I saw him in Provincetown once and he is a total stunner in person as well.) Anyway, if you're into such garments and can pull them off (hehe), allow my frugal (feel free to read: cheap!) arse to point you to the T&T clearance rack.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lo-Def Desire

While flipping through the channels I came across the disaster of a movie, "Disaster Movie." Ripped to shreds NICK STEELE is what got my attention, but I couldn't last 5 minutes with the amazingly awful flick!

Morning Glory

Apparently, beefy BOB here—with his various lusty looks—is a local boy who's made good … by posting nude pics of himself online!

Piping Hot

Looking at adorably sexy bagpiper SEAN McKEOWN makes me want to know more about his bag and his pipe.


SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair Redux

I read the other day that Folsom Street Events announced the charities that will benefit from its five fetish events and I figured I'd point you yet again to my frisky SIRveillance Flickr set from one of those events from last year—Folsom Street Fair. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mag Men

Sexy "stallion" DAVID GANDY goes shirtless for ShortList MODE as the cover meat of the mag's inaugural issue. And he doesn't rest on those beautiful laurels, so he does some hot Manvertising in the Sergio K Fall 2011 ad campaign: