Friday, September 30, 2011

Frisky Friggin' Friday

Straight sex alert! Ha. I can't even remember the last time I found something hot enough to share that involved flat-out straight sex, but I had to point you to these two videos. They were both a part of Deadspin's C-Roll Theater, "a vintage collection of NSFW footage of stadium sex, nip-slips, boob-flashes at sporting events." By that description you can tell those are straight guys over there because they forgot to mention the big d*cks! First, there was this handsome bucking bronco (above) who, after giving it to his reverse cowgirlfriend in the cheap seats, had to shake the, um, excess oil from his Louisville Slugger. And then this sleazy stud gets a handjob … no, a back-row handjob … no, a back-row, two-handjob(!) at a Marlins game:

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The C-Roll’s Happy Ending: A Back-Row Handjob At A Marlins Game (NSFW) [Deadspin]
Which Former Phillies Prospect Was Filmed Reverse-Cowgirling At The Coliseum? [Deadspin]


  1. omfg, i'm going to be thinking about these d-bag studs all day! LOVE these!

  2. man, that 2nd guy is HOT. I would have went down on that monster.

  3. Now you're just playing with this voyeur.