Thursday, September 30, 2010

SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair

Jon's Hamm

Well now! I thought I could see JON HAMM's loin of pork when he was dressed to the thick eight, er, dressed to the nines (above), but when he's dressed down to walk the dog, it is more like he's walking the whole hog:
 Man, am I in the mood to slobber on a salty slab!

Period piece (of ass)

Check out this first look at an all grown up and all handsome DANIEL RADCLIFFE shooting (oh, my mind went super dirty right there!) The Woman in Black, his new supernatural thriller. Oh, I'm thrilled alright.

Red Meat

Damn, why couldn't I have spotted corn rowed, bearded ginger porn stud JAMES JAMESSON while I had Folsom Street Fair under SIRveillance? Maybe I could have seen him demonstrate his Twitter bio firsthand:
You know, like he did in that super hot interracial porn I told you about a few posts back and of which I just discovered more hot pics?! Oh well, at least I can across him here in this hot Folsom coverage.


SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair

Silver Fox Fever

As ANDERSON COOPER locks down a daytime talk show deal, he's never made we want him as my nighttime daddy as he does in this alluring photo. Drool!

Bad Boys Club

On the, um, heels of the taboo-bursting hotness of banging a broad with his real-life son (above), one of my earliest gay porn daddy crushes CHANCE CALDWELL is returning to gay porn!

Top prize

"Do you know what a prize I am in the gay community? I'm a bear. And I'm a daddy. I'm a daddy-bear."—ALEC BALDWIN's Jack Donaghy on the 30 Rock season premiere, making me melt, laugh my ass off, cream my shorts, and swoon simultaneously! Watch it.
Daddy-bear Baldwin stills from the It's Complicated trailer. Woof!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair

Mag Men

Billboard magazine offer bands 100 easy ways to get famous, including starring in a top-rated reality show like Poisonous Photoshop awardee BRET MICHAELS, whom I would still let talk dirty to me:
Don't you judge me!

Bardem Me

The October issue of Esquire is at sea with swarthy, sexy, swaggering, Spanish stud JAVIER BARDEM, the soon-to-be daddy, who should have been trying to make a baby with me. And if at first we didn't succeed, try try again!

SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair

Daddy of the Day

The legendary director of the porn, JOE GAGE, for winning a best director GayVN Award for hot, hot, hot flick Dad Takes a Fishing Trip, which fills many a, um, generation gap. Grrr!


Reality hottie shows pits, 'spreads wings'

I only know of sexy, boyish BRAD GORESKI from these hot beefcake photos. He appeared on a show I only know about from Talk SoupThe Rachel Zoe Project—about a woman I only know about from Dlisted. Well, he's apparently left Zoe's firm and show to "spread [his] wings," although hopefully not as gayly as above (hehe). But I won't complain if it leads to more hot, hairy pit exhibitionism like this:

McConaughey Bottoms In San Francisco

Okay, maybe MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY is just enthusiastically bottoms up and legs in the air as he runs football drills at the San Francisco 49ers Academy School yesterday. But a boy can dream … especially about that big, hot, bubble of McConaughey man ass:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

SIRveillance: Submission

Thanks, d!
Have some SIRveillance of your own to share? Email me!

SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair


SIRveillance: Folsom Street Fair

So, I made it to Folsom Street Fair yesterday and snapped a bit of leather daddy eye candy to share with you. I thought I'd start with my favorite find of the day: Known dollar store shopper and towel model, porn god ARPAD MIKLOS! Yep, that's him up there in the center, but it never hurts to make Arpad bigger (below). Well, maybe that's not quite true as these video attests (nsfw)!

Had a fun time taking in the sights at Folsom, but I do regret forgetting to program the number of one of my blog idols into my cell phone, so I didn't get to meet up with Fairview Sue! :(

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lo-Def Desire

ONCE BITTEN, TWICE THIGH So, I took note of JIM CAREY's meaty thighs and hind quarters in the upcoming I Love You Philip Morris, but who knew he's had them for quite some time! Here he is in the 1985 flick Once Bitten looking all meaty and ready to nibble on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Innocence Projected

I was flipping through the latest issue of Spirit magazine and came across this cool story about the Innocence Project's work in Texas and immediately started to objectify these two sexy exonerees (sexonerees?):
 Should I feel guilty?

Lo-Def Desire

Scary but still sexy SEAN BEAN in The Hitcher.

Bad Boys Club

I'm tempted to go see a performance by TATTOO, "Nob Hill Theater's bad boy."

Thursday, September 23, 2010