Sunday, August 22, 2010

And … I'm Back!

Well, that was refreshing! For all those who don't know, I closed up shop and completely obliterated Dwight Supremacy several months ago. But it is now time to reemerge and stake my claim as blogger royalty (ha!) once again. I spent this past week in Provincetown, Mass. for Carnival which provided much mesmerizingly manly inspiration for a comeback. I'll begin sharing some of what inspired me with you in my next post! So, sit back and enjoy and I promise not to go away for, oh, at least six months or so. :)


  1. You know I missed you. Happy to see you return!

  2. i love your angles! i do that too but usually it's to take covert pictures of the amish- not quite the same category but still covert :D

    welcome back to the blogosphere!


  3. welcome. now im back too. and you are in my top 10 blogs.
    come and visit, comment and enjoy buddy.
    keep the good job!